Smashy Road Online

Over the last couple of days we seemed to have played Smashy Road: Wanted virtually non-stop. This game just grabs your attention from start to finish. The main thing we learned from those two manic days of playing was that players need to collect rare and legendary cars as they are going along. The problem with these legendary cars is that they are really difficult to get hold of.

Have no fear though as we compiled hints and tips whilst playing Smashy Road: Wanted to enable you to find the rare cars much sooner than you be able to do on your own.
Check out our general tips on Smashy Road: Wanted while you make your way to the parts where you unlock the legendary cars.

1. Try the patient man method

You can rely on pure luck to find the legendary cars yet that could take a long time to find them all. You can take advantage of your free go every time you register to play the game. By registering multiple times it is possible to have multiple free turns and attempt to find all of the cars. Or you can look out our cheats and tips, or alternatively try these other methods instead.

2. Collect cash as you go along

When you are playing the game you collect cash as you go through it, some cars are worth more than others. The cash can be used to buy extra rolls of the game. If your legendary car is the Money Man Truck then you have got lucky then you will earn five times the cash.

Watch the Advertisement

Every fourth or fifth time you are shown an advertisement, which you are paid to watch. So you can deliberately get killed and cash faster to get more rolls sooner. There are limits on how many times you can watch these, but you can earn 200 coins a day.

3. Time Lapse Cheat

When you play the game you are given a free gift every five hours, yet you can fool the game by bringing the time forward by five hours and getting the gifts earlier. Eventually the game will not let you adjust time anymore but by that time you should have found what you needed.


Cause on-road anarchy and mess. Add plenty of more cash with our tips and play 'Smashy Road: Wanted'